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We are creating solutions for any kind of project, think about how level up your business and we achieve the rest.

Solution oriented

We created Sense of Tech to find digital solutions for companies, smes and individuals who want to find ways to accelerate their ambitions.

Sense of Tech is also an easy contact between a company full of ambition and the desire to create a better world. We invest our time in communities but also in works that reflect on tomorrow such as ISIT-BE.

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We transform business.


You have an idea, a need or a problem and you would like to convert it into a digital solution so that you can go even further and faster. We can help you convert this spark into the application that will allow you to be the best on the market.


Sense of Tech can support you in your developments in terms of IT architecture, IT development, etc.


The best way to make its developers evolve is to develop their skills. In addition to having more competent developers, you have happy developers.


We can give you training to increase your skills, do not hesitate to contact us to establish together an efficient training plan that will meet your needs.


We are able to carry out your domestic installations in order to cable and install an internet exchange in one area and allow you to avoid having cables everywhere.


We have other areas of expertise, do not hesitate to contact us for a list.

The team

Hello! This is Sense of Tech.

Adrien Clerbois


I created Sense of Tech to give me the means to help those around me. I am Microsoft MVP and this title allows me to travel and meet a lot of people with infinite knowledge.

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